– The Untamed Merino –

I am a wild sheep wandering far away from the heard, perhaps running away from it, I can’t really tell the difference anymore. All I know is that this is my home now – a woolen coat, and this current patch of grass.

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The Writer

My name is Marlo Glodoviza. Born in 92, raised in the beautiful islands of the Philippines, and currently living in Sydney, Australia. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in International Hospitality Management, so I guess you could argue that I am a well-educated man. But of course, I disagree.

On days that I’m not slogging away in my day job that I’d like to think of as temporary, you can find me sipping tea in a nearby cafe or sprawled out on a blanket in a park, reading a book. My spiritual affinity revolves around the words of great writers and philosophers. I frequently travel inside cracks and hidden doorways that lead to the worlds of Neil Gaiman and Haruki Murakami, and I speak in tongues of Albert Camus.

On nights that I’m not staying in and enjoying a glass of wine, blue cheese carbonara, and Netflix, I’m usually out with my fag squad, downing shots of cheap whisky and dancing to 90s at a local gay bar. It surprises me as well that I’m apparently not a complete loner, and that my social life is actually in existence and in fact very demanding.

This blog materialised in an ambitious attempt to understand my own meaning, in love, philosophy, and the arts. I write mostly in prose and poetry, but sometimes I indulge myself with the occasional short story. I take my inspiration from quiet observations of nature, slipping into other people’s minds, and from listening to the voice of a wise nomadic sheep. You’d have to acquaint yourself with a little spark of madness to appreciate my work, but I hope that whatever it is that brought you here, you’ve come to sit beside me with an open mind and a wild imagination.

Welcome. Please grab a cup and let me pour you some tea.

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